About Us

     Catherine Arley is one of the cosmetic choices of women who value themselves and want to look good and be happy every moment of the day. He continues his adventure, which started in 1980 within Alfar Kozmetik, with the pursuit of innovation, difference and reaching perfection.

     atherine Arley, one of the indispensables of Turkish women especially in powder selection, soon becomes a brand where you can find different products from blush to foundation, from eyeshadow to mascara, from lipstick to nail polish, for every taste and need.

Our Mission

     Taking its success in Turkey one step further, Catherine Arley today exports to 30 countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Italy, as well as the Turkic Republics, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

     It helps every woman discover her stylish, seductive and strong side with an understanding that only reveals and protects beauty, with its classic powders, nail polish and lipsticks with trendy colors, and the latest eye makeup products. Catherine Arley is not only a brand with its high quality, accessible products and reasonable price policy, but also a 'beauty' experience that you can live with pleasure and confidence.